All substances contain energy from the sun in the form of heat. A groundwater pump takes the natural heat from the soil, raises it to a higher temperature and "pumps" it into the home.
The heat pump uses a small amount of electricity to pump up heat from nature and then increase it. Because very little is used to generate a lot of heat, the heat pump is very environmentally friendly.Thermostaat

Groundwater pumps use an underground piping system that is placed horizontally or vertically in the soil. For a horizontal system you need a garden that is at least the same size as the surface to be heated. Heat pump operation The heat is generated in a closed ecological cycle without loss of energy.


* an evaporator brings the temperature of the outside into contact with a colder working fluid in the pipes underground. The special liquid, which is under low pressure and therefore has a low boiling temperature, starts to boil and is converted into vapor.
* a compressor compresses the vapor under high pressure, which increases its temperature. The vapor is brought to a temperature higher than the water or air of the heating system in the house.
* a condenser brings the hot vapor into contact with the colder water or air from the home's heating system. This increases the temperature in the heating system. At the same time, the vapor cools down and becomes liquid again.

* a release valve causes a pressure drop, causing the boiling point of the liquid to drop again. The temperature of the liquid falls below that of the outdoor environment again, allowing the whole cycle to start over.

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