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heating-and-coolingHeating with air conditioning? Yes, that's possible. If an air conditioner is fitted with a heat pump, it can also cool

also heating. There are several shops that no longer have a central heating system.

It sounds expensive, but is it? That the energy costs are very bad nowadays and can even turn out cheaper than using a traditional central heating system (gas), is shown in the following comparison. The rise in gas prices has everything to do with that. Comparison of energy costs: heating via air conditioning (electricity) or via central heating system (gas).

Heating your home can now be done cheaper by using air conditioning with a heat pump than with the traditional central heating boiler.

It must first be clear how the costs of energy consumption between electricity and gas relate. For this we determine the prices of gas and electricity for a fixed amount of heat. This example is based on the price level March 2005 (Consumentenbond
* Electricity: average kWh price: € 0.118 (source consumer guide Mar 05 profile 6, frequent user.)
* Elektra: 1 kWh (= 1KJ/s per uur) heeft een warmte-inhoud van 3600\1000 = : 3.6 Mega Joule
* Gas: the average gas price per m³: € 0.498 (source consumer guide Mar 2005 profile 6, frequent user.)
* Gas: 1 m³ has a heat content of 31.65 Mega Joule
* 1 kWh of electricity is approximately equal to 0.114 m³ of gas (3.6 / 31.65) *

* Burning losses in central heating boilers etc. are not included in the assessment

This means that for 3.6 mega Joules of heat from gas and the above-mentioned gas price, the price can be determined by multiplying 0.114 by € 0.498. (= € 0.057). And with that the tipping point can be calculated.

At a heat efficiency of 200% (C.O.P 2.0), the energy costs in this comparison between gas and electricity are approximately the same.

This means that with an air conditioner that has a C.O.P value of more than 2.0, you can heat up your space more economically than with a boiler. That's great, because it only gets better: most A-brand air conditioners have a higher C.O.P value. This concerns C.O.P.values ​​from 3.5 (yield 350%). Toshiba even has an air conditioner with a C.O.P value above 4.5 (efficiency 450%).

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